Customer and supplier risk management in France and abroad

Seize market opportunities and increase your turnover in France and abroad with reliable and solvent partners.

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Our mission is to support you by providing security through our business and financial information, customer insurance, invoice financing and debt collection services worldwide.

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Business information

Customer/Supplier risk mapping
Tailored appraisals and investigations

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« Customer insurance »

In-depth “SERENITAS” appraisal
Guarantee of receivables
Securing of turnover

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Invoice financing (Finquietis Spain)

On-demand financing
Financing in 48 hours
Secured financing

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Debt recovery

Multi-channel follow-up
Amiable debt recovery
Judicial debt recovery

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Financial analysis and monitoring
Dynamic risk mapping
Strategic support

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Guaranteed follow-ups
Debt protection
Risk assessment

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Monitoring your companies portfolio
Instant alerts
Legal announcements & privileges

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Information on private individuals

Address search
Heirs/beneficiaries search
Solvency/asset appraisal

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Our performance

Our tools allow you to guide your strategy, prevent risks and develop your business in France and abroad.

Score 3

Do you want to check the solvency of one of your customers or suppliers in France?

Score3 gives you a free instant diagnosis of a business’ financial situation, based on a degree of vigilance based on the last 3 balance sheets published and on 3 reference scores.

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Pouey Online

Pouey Online, your personalised area

The secure Customer Area (via individual ID+Pw) Pouey Online allows you, with your browser, to control, consult and manage requests and analysis results online to consult the Pouey business database.

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Web Service

Web Service

Providing legal, business and financial information on businesses, the Pouey Web Service enables you to enhance and permanently update the data on your IT system.

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Our customisable and scalable services

Pouey International offers a wide range of risk management services, from order taking to collection in France and abroad, and invoice financing in Spain.

Securing, insuring and financing

my customer credit on a case-by-case basis

Choose an exclusive solution, the "Serenitas" guaranteed appraisal: secure and finance up to €300,000 receivables per customer.


my customers’ solvency

Pouey International’s human expertise makes it possible to check and verify the current solvency of your partners beyond the elements of the databases: investigation and appraisal are the fundamentals of the reliability of our information.


my DSO and my cash flow

Shorten your payment terms and recover your debts in the best amicable conditions thanks to our different solutions. Get expert advice in the implementation and follow-up of legal proceedings when they are recommended.


new customers

Select, enumerate and manage a database defined according to your criteria. Benefit from free, personalised enumeration, via an online quotation with immediate delivery.


my portfolio’s risk

ScoreMap allows you to map your customer/supplier portfolio, get an instant look at high-risk companies, anticipate business failure and optimise your decision-making.


Pouey International

Pouey international is a leader in customer and supplier risk management.

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The Pouey International Group

Over a century’s experience in financial information and its role as an insurer has made Pouey International a leader in risk management and guarantees you information with which you can optimise your business development by controlling your customer accounts.

We operate in six countries: France, Spain, Belgium, Italy, the Netherlands and Germany.

Today, our business is one of the top five French companies authorised to collect economic and financial data from companies.

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Our customer


Our very "commercially oriented" organisation was very apprehensive about the requirement for payment terms both here and internationally. With a very sensitive and delicate clientele, at Pouey International we have found professional practice conditions which today have significantly improved our DSO in a budget-controlled environment, since there is no percentage on the recoveries.

Mrs. Amélie T. – Financial Director, Audio-visual post-production sector – Turnover €20 million


Our seasonal business mechanically increases our working capital requirements, and the option of having some of our invoices financed when we need is a flexibility that meets our expectations in terms of cash requirements, without having to factor in our whole portfolio.

Mr. Piyot – Wholesale fruit and vegetable sector – Turnover €7 million


For this solution, the highly sophisticated but very easy to use Dashboard allows our purchasing department to monitor all of our suppliers within our various BUs. The suitability of the risk classification and associated services are highly valued and meet our compliance requirements.

Mr. Yves – Aeronautical Industry Purchasing Department – Turnover €15 billion


Thanks to additional coverage provided by our Credit Insurer, the SereniTas solution allows us a risk-free development and to provide our customers with new temporary workers with fewer constraints related to insufficient or no credit coverage. This solution contributes to both the comfort of our positions with our strategic customers, and to winning over new ones.

Ms. B. Interim Sector CFO – Turnover €170 million


With the Pouey group appraisals, we have high-quality, comprehensive and truly up-to-date information compared to any database. This makes it possible to precisely manage our commercial and credit control measures on the basis of shared deliverables within our company. This solution allows us to avoid an unpleasant surprise and, conversely, to reassure ourselves about a business opportunity that we would not necessarily have engaged in.

M. Z. Hygiene Products Distribution Sector Credit Manager – Turnover €9 million


Pouey International Careers

Working at Pouey International also means being in a company where your human values matter as much as your strengths, and where you are encouraged to develop your skills and discover your qualities. We are committed to recruiting regularly in order to optimise the quality of our services in several countries.

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