Information on private individuals

Enquêtes civiles Pouey

Reliable information about individuals

The information on private individuals allows you to have all the information you want about an individual thanks to our network of 950 agents. Since 2003, this activity has been regulated by the Internal Security Act. (Link to CNAPS – France’s National Council for Private Security Activities)

A search tool

  • Obtain recent and accurate information on the solvency of individuals based in France or abroad.
  • Guide decision-making through tailor-made appraisals.
  • Recover debts quickly through debtor relocation and determination of solvency.


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Products adapted to your needs

Search for persons who leave without leaving an address (PSA in its French acronym)

Appraisal to find the addresses of people in France and abroad

Search for an employer

Appraisal to find a person's employer in France and abroad

Simple and in-depth solvency appraisal

Solvency research regarding an individual in respect to a recovery procedure (employer, salary, bank and more if it is an in-depth appraisal)

Certified assets appraisal

Allows the identification of a person's real estate assets throughout the country or by department.

Specific appraisals

Checking of surety

Verification of information concerning the person setting up a surety.

Pre-rental assessment

Monitoring the situation of a natural person for leasing.

Ordering a Mortgage Report

Search for the profile of the property in question.

for heirs

Search to determine heirs and the notary's details or also to find the beneficiaries of unclaimed life insurance policies / if account forms in the event of the death of the policyholder. (Legge Eckert)

Search for copyright beneficiaries

Search to locate the author of a work for copyright payment.

Order online in a few clicks

  1. On Pouey Online, under the "Order an appraisal" tab, you enter the individual whom you wish to have information on.
  2. Turn-around times are adapted according to the request.
  3. Pouey International is in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
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