ScoreMap Dynamic risk mapping


Better control of customer/supplier risk

ScoreMap is the financial analysis and monitoring tool that allows you to map your customer/supplier portfolio and control its risks. The analysis combines the company’s internal risk, the categorical risk of failure and your own stakes.

Your Credit Risk Manager

  • Manage risks and opportunities related to your business and financial environment on a daily basis
  • Guide decision-making and secure your business relationships
  • Increase your turnover confidently

Pouey know-how

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Download the report in Excel or PDF format

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Proposal of solutions related to your stakes

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Support, expertise and periodic review with a dedicated analyst

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Enriching your database with Pouey International data




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Portfolio risk mapping Instantly identify at-risk companies in your portfolio
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Portfolio size and value in 3D Organise your portfolio and prioritise your actions on at-risk companies
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Evolution and comparison of risk Anticipate failures and save time
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Recommendation by risk category and company Decide precisely what action to take thanks to Pouey International's expertise
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Business information sheets, analysis of their risk... Access comprehensive and up-to-date information on companies
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Alert system and Monitoring of legal announcements Choose the information you are interested in and receive alerts by email

Order online in a few clicks

  1. On Pouey Online, under the "ScoreMap" tab, download your business file and fill in your stakes.
  2. Instantly view the breakdown of risks associated with your portfolio: overall, by category and for each company.
  3. You monitor the development of your portfolio over time at all times, get recommendations and alerts on deteriorations and improvements in risk situations.
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