Time2Cash Chase-up & Guarantee

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Grow your market safely

Time2Cash is a packaged chase-up and guarantee solution based on a risk assessment of your customers.
This comprehensive service protects you in the event of non-payment by customers based in France.

An advantage for your company

  • Improving DSO and maintaining cash flow
  • Maintain a lasting business relationship with your customers
  • Assign experts to the chase-up and free up resources
  • Benefit from financially guaranteed chase-up actions at 100% excluding taxes.

Pouey supports you

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100% compensation of the guarantee granted (excluding taxes)

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Integrated customer
chase-ups with the Premium option

Your chase-ups guaranteed within 24 hours

  1. RISK ASSESSMENT Receipt of the registration numbers file from your customer portfolio and immediate return of the companies eligible for the guarantee
  2. CHOICE OF GUARANTEE LEVEL €1,000 excluding tax or €2,000 excluding tax
  3. CHOICE OF OPTION: Premium : full chase-up + compensation Basic : No chase-up – Compensation in the event of Insolvency Proceedings
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