Serenitas Financial guarantee

Assurance client Serenitas Pouey

Grow your business with confidence

Do you want to protect yourself from the risk of non-payment and to grow your business?
Select a « customer insurance » PRCG SA insurance company regulated by the Insurance Code (Art 321-1 Branch 15) guarantees Pouey International S.A. solution with the Serenitas guarantee, and secure up to €300,000 receivables per customer, in France and abroad.

Our services include...

  • Prevention of the risk of non-payment: reliable and personalised information on the solvency of your customers of concern.
  • Management of your customer account: accounting follow-up and amiable chase-up, if necessary, of all of your guaranteed customers.
  • Compensation for uncollected debts: the amounts are compensated to you at 100% excluding tax, without deductible.

Pouey supports you

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Fast turn-around

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Expertise of collection managers, financial analysts and lawyers

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Extended international

A unique service

“A la carte” guarantee

Guarantee your prospects or customers on a case-by-case basis, according to your choice, and not necessarily for your entire portfolio.

100% compensation

In the event of non-payment(s), you will be paid within a maximum of 30 days at the end of the chase-up month, at 100% of the guarantee granted, excluding tax.

Insurance Top – Up

Serenitas insurance can be complementary to your credit insurance.

It applies to those of your customers rejected, limited or terminated by your credit insurer

A global risk management solution

  1. Save time: by entrusting the management of your at-risk customers to Pouey International, focus on your business.
  2. Quickly recover your debts: by benefiting from our expertise, preserve your cash flow.
  3. Increase your financial capacity: by having financial protection, reassure your financial or business partners and develop your market share.
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