Invoice financing (Finquietis Spain)

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Sell your invoices under the best terms

Do you want to sell your debts quickly and securely?
Finquietis is the financial platform that puts you in contact with investors with liquid funds who are willing to buy your invoices risk-free.

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Smart financing

  1. Sign up for a personalised Serenitas contract (guarantee of your invoices).
  2. Choose the debts to assign (our offer does not require you to assign all of your customer accounts).
  3. Sell invoices directly on the Finquietis platform.
  4. Receive your invoice payments within 48 hours, once the purchase of your invoices has been confirmed.

Assign your invoices with confidence

  • The Serenitas guarantee protects you against the risk of non-payment and transfers the insolvency risk from the debtor to our insurance company (PRCG)
  • Financing your invoices is possible with your domestic and international customers
  • The service applies to those of your customers rejected, limited or terminated by your credit insurer and/or factor

The solution for secure financing

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Stay informed on
the progress of your invoices

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Amicable follow-up
Finquietis preserves your
business relationships

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Choice of invoices
to be assigned

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Rapid funding
Receive payment
within 48 hours

A plus for your business

  1. Focus on your business by reducing your administrative burdens.
  2. Optimise your cash flow by receiving cash quickly.
  3. Be attractive in captive markets by improving your financial capacity.
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